SEEED – Listen and enjoy

BERLIN SOUND SYSTEM & dub big band sensation

Seeed is a very sizeable band, but also a mega ‘Berlin sound system big band sensation‘, based upon reggae, dub and rap patterns.

You will move a lot when listening to SEEED

SEEED in Belgium

The Belgium Website ABCONCERTS says:

They sing and rap in English, German, and cheerful nonsense, if need be. But it sounds good and works well in homeland Germany, where they appear in the biggest sold-out halls, plus setting the Glastonbury UK festival on fire in passing.

From out of Berlin, since ’98, they’ve been working actively on their extremely ambitious goal: ‘the fattest sound of the capital… a modern marching band, the greatest Jamaican sound system featuring live drums, a futuristically glittering group consisting of real instrumentalists plus a truckload full of electronics – the mobile dancehall task force.

That SEEED is an intense collective is also apparent in their CD releases. There’s been ‘New Dubby Conquerors‘, ‘Music Monks‘, ‘Next‘… But the latest ‘Seeed‘ took five years in the making and has now finally been released out here too via Sony. A serious footnote: Seeed also involves one Pierre Baigorry, aka Peter Fox, the guy from the solo CD ‘Stadtaffe‘ and, jawohl, that immensely deserving summer-hit ‘Haus am See‘!

See SEEED Live in Brussels on Friday 20 September 2013

Watch and Listen to SEEED

Here are some nice songs along with the official videos from SEEED. Have a look and enjoy. You may have a chance to see this great band during their latest LIVE tour

SEEED – Beautiful

SEEED – Augenbling

SEEED – Aufstehn


There is an official Youtube account from SEEED where you get around 20 different videos.

Meet at SEEED?

Who would like to go to the gig in Brussels? Let’s join and have a big party together as SEEED is Live in Brussels on Friday 20 September 2013.

Leave me a note if we may meet there.



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