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5 Top Marketing Trends 2016

Marketing in on his change and here are 5 Top trends for your own product marketing. Engage with this post and let me know your ideas.

Eine Messe in der Cloud

Einfach Online Arbeiten die virtuelle Messe zu den Themen der digitalen Gesellschaft. Dabei stehen die 4 Cs – Communication, Collaboration, Customer Service und Cloud Computing im Mittelpunkt. Die negativen Faktoren eines Messebesuches werden aufgehoben und die Wissensvermittlung in den Vordergrund gerückt. Lange Anfahrten, stolze Ticketpreise sowie hohe Reise- und Übernachtungskosten: das können andere Messen viel besser. […]

Why WebRTC rocks!

Communication ONLY with your Browser – “WebRTC will change the way we communicate” says Detlev Artelt and shows some examples and an Infographic.

Sushi is Art

To have a good Sushi, you need more than just some fish and a bit of rice. The right way to create Sushi is an Art. There are many components and even more traditional aspects to watch.

sweet 19 FREE Social Media Tools

19 FREE & Cool Social Media Tools

Many cool and FREE Social Media Tools are waiting for you. They like to help your with your daily work.

Einfach Online Arbeiten - DIE virtuelle Messe zu Kommunination und Online-Zusammenarbeit in Deutschland, Östereich und Schweiz #EOA15

4 Gründe für ONLINE Messen

Die Digitalisierung schreitet stetig voran und macht auch vor der üblichen Form der Messe oder Tradeshow keinen Halt.

Neue Werkzeuge erlauben es uns vom heimischen Sofa, einfach per Internet-Browser, an einer Messe LIVE teilzunehmen und dabei mit dem Anbieter direkt per Video sein neues Produkt oder seine Dienstleistung zu besprechen.

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Stairway To Heaven

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN – the greatest Rocksong EVER. A tribute to the song, the band and all the great cover versions of this song.

Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm

Is your Website mobile ready? The change of Googles Ranking Algorithm is important for every Website. The background on this is quite simple as you see at the Infographic. Since 2015 there are more mobile visitors than desktop visitors on Websites. So Google is more than right to do this change in the ranking algorithm. To check […]

Wearable technology – HOT or not?

There are plenty new and cool technology products you might like to wear for interacting with your smartphone or other devices. But wich one is really HOT?

Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

The picture and media platform Instagram has much more interaction as Facebook or Twitter. See some strategic Information to boost your follower and interaction.

How Visitors see your Website

How Visitors see your Website

Ok, you got Visitors to your Website, but what happen while the potential client is there. Design and Content is important and within 2,6 seconds the visit might be over.

Basic Website Design - DETart Blog

Basic Website Design

Everybody need a website for his Company, for his Art or for other activities of your digital life. But how to Design the Website? How to have this sized right for mobile and other browser? Here are some useful ideas you might like.