Evolution of speech technology - DETart Blog

Evolution of Speech Recogniton – – Why typing? – Speech is faster! – An interesting Infographic about the history of this technology.

#PeopleWhoDidPicsOfMeWithoutAsking 1771

Many or nearly every culture has some different behaviour and this is something I, as a guest in a country, have to accept. But here I like to ask for your feedback.


 Yes, we are going to China.  And this time not yet another business trip to a Country I’ve never seen before, this time we travel with the whole family. We means 4 people – 2 kids and 2 former backpacker.  Why this post? But why do I write this post before my travel. I […]

Wearable technology - HOT or not?

There are plenty new and cool technology products you might like to wear for interacting with your smartphone or other devices. But wich one is really HOT?

DETaix as Instagram

The picture and media platform Instagram has much more interaction as Facebook or Twitter. See some strategic Information to boost your follower and interaction.

How Visitors see your Website

Ok, you got Visitors to your Website, but what happen while the potential client is there. Design and Content is important and within 2,6 seconds the visit might be over.

Basic Website Design - DETart Blog

Everybody need a website for his Company, for his Art or for other activities of your digital life. But how to Design the Website? How to have this sized right for mobile and other browser? Here are some useful ideas you might like.

virtual assistance or doctor?

80% of US physicians believe virtual assistants will change how they interact with an electronic health record (EHR) – See the Infographic

Facebook Cheat Sheet by DETart Blog

THE Facebook Cheat Sheet gives useful information about all the different sizes of pictures, Logos and all other content. It is a big help for me….

5 ways intagram on desktop

Instagram via Desktop?? Yes, there are some apps who do this. But which one is the right one for you?

Who owns our social media

The BIG 5 The 5 biggest Social Network companies are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Yahoo. See the Infographic about who owns which social network and how many users belong to this company. Infographic Tell me… On which social network are you active? Do you use the “new” ones like KIK, AskFM, Snapchat? See all my […]

Evolution of the Meeting Room

You spend to much time on traveling? Do you really have to GO to all this meetings? The use of Video may change your traveling and your way of working.

Voicemail to text Infografik DETart Blog

Der Anrufbeantworter Schnell den Anrufbeantworter abhören kann sich hinziehen. Oftmals sind gut gemeinte aber ausführliche Nachrichten vorhanden deren Informationgehalt sicher auch mit 2 Sätzen darzustellen ist. An dieser Stelle setzt die Technologie mit der Verwendung von Spracherkennung an. Besser eine Flaschenpost Ein Tweet von Beth Poth sagt deutlich was viele denken. Die Voicemail und der […]


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