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Facebook Cheat Sheet by DETart Blog

THE Facebook Cheat Sheet 2

THE Facebook Cheat Sheet gives useful information about all the different sizes of pictures, Logos and all other content. It is a big help for me….

Who owns our social media

Who owns our social media?

The BIG 5 The 5 biggest Social Network companies are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Yahoo. See the Infographic about who owns which social network and how many users belong to this company. Infographic Tell me… On which social network are you active? Do you use the “new” ones like KIK, AskFM, Snapchat? See all my […]

Why Empire Avenue by DETart Blog

Why Empire Avenue

Manage your different social network activity, meet and learn from Experts, get rewards and have some fun on a new way of social media mixed with some gamification.

ROI and Trust of Personalization - DETart Blog

ROI and Trust of Personalization

Personalization and what digital marketers say about this topic. Adobe and Econ­sul­tancy asked around 400 digital marketers in Europe and US. See an interesting Infographic

How To Embed Google+ Posts Into & Other New Features

Embed your Google+ posts into your WordPress – helpful article

Microsoft Launches Skype for in Six Countries – The Next Web

Originally posted on Manlio Mannozzi:
See on – News from the MARKET!!!! Microsoft Launches Skype for in Six Countries The Next Web Microsoft today launched Skype for in six markets: the US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Brazil. See on

9 Tips For Keeping Your Internet Use Private

Keep your things private. See this post for some information. –ReBlogged from Steve Mattison ( and from his Blog – – – – – Many people are concerned about online privacy. Conversely, many more are not, freely sharing each and everything on their favorite social networks, paying little attention to their mobile app settings, […]

Paranoische Arithmetik

Originally posted on Differentia:
Paranoische Arithmetik – or Math by Panorama Differentia View original post

Facebook: Facts, Numbers and Power – Infographic

Originally posted on The Main Street Analyst:
  Facebook has power. Check out how much! Facebook is always impressive when it comes to statistics. Here is a new infographic with some numbers and facts as of May 2013. Have a look, it is, as always, biiiiiiig. Source: YouTheDesigner

Better Facebook Business Page: 20 Tips – Infographic

Originally posted on The Main Street Analyst:
List of 20 Tips for your Facebook Business Page. Get to know the basic principles for running a successful Business Presence on Facebook. Source: Lyubcho