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Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm

Is your Website mobile ready? The change of Googles Ranking Algorithm is important for every Website. The background on this is quite simple as you see at the Infographic. Since 2015 there are more mobile visitors than desktop visitors on Websites. So Google is more than right to do this change in the ranking algorithm. To check […]

How Your Eyes Move on a Website

How Your Eyes Move on a Website

Where do you look first? You have so much great information, pictures and even more. But where to place all this on your website?

Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report

Security in 2014 – This report by Cisco is a MUST read for everybody who is IT or communication related or a mobile user.

Best Android Phones 2013

Best Android Phones 2013

There are so many different Android Phones available but which is the right one? Many new Phones now have sensors and even some eye tracking. Here you see some information about Samsung, LG, HTC comparing with the iPhone 5.

Der ZX Spectrum wird 30 – Mein erster Computer!

So lange ist das schon her, höre ich den einen oder andern meiner Freunde nun sagen. Mein erster Computer ist doch schon etwas in die Jahre gekommen.   Auf der Pressekonferenz im Churchill Hotel in England wurde am 23. April 1982 von Sir Clive Sinclair der neue Microcomputer “ZX Spectrum“ vorgestellt. Für die Nostalgiker unter […]