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#PeopleWhoDidPicsOfMeWithoutAsking 1771

Being a Tourist or the Attraction

Many or nearly every culture has some different behaviour and this is something I, as a guest in a country, have to accept. But here I like to ask for your feedback.


CHINA – Here we come!

 Yes, we are going to China.  And this time not yet another business trip to a Country I’ve never seen before, this time we travel with the whole family. We means 4 people – 2 kids and 2 former backpacker.  Why this post? But why do I write this post before my travel. I […]

Indemann Cover DETart Blog

Indemann – A lighted building and sculpture

The Indemann is a 118-foot Observation Tower in Inden, Germany. This enormous building made out of steel has a great Illumination at night time.

California here WE come

California – here WE come again….

California – here WE come again…. Last year I did a visit to the Mobile Voice Conference. It was a wonderful trip but this time it will be much better this year as I travel with the full family team and even some more time to visit the beautiful California. Meet and connect My blog […]

San Francisco

San Francisco – a short review and some tips

1. San Francisco Like every year in march, the “Mobile Voice Conference” called as well in 2012 several hundred people to California – so I followed. My voice compass team even help the organisator in a media partnership to get the event more known to our Europe network of voice and communication experts. This year […]

California here I come….

{EAV:bfee7c4f08bb8cc3} A very special event calls people from the world wide speech industry every year to California and I’m following this call for the 4th time. The Mobile Voice Conference arranged by Bill Meisel and the AVIOS group. My company aixvox is sponsoring the Event in a media partnership with my book series voice compass, […]

Ausgebremst auf dem Weg zum Kunden – Schneechaos in Deutschland

„Tring tring“ – ein sehr müder Blick auf den Wecker verrät mir „es ist 5 Uhr morgens“ und das ist für mich viel zu früh. Doch leider ist das genau die richtige Zeit, um den Flug heute morgen ab Köln stressfrei zu erreichen. Also ab unter die erweckende Dusche, einen Kaffee zubereiten und das Gesicht […]