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ALSiceBucketChallenge – The End

Yes, what a cool idea and even better, the Challenge show the power of Social Media! But I think it is over now.


Art by DETart

So, here I am. An evening at home. Main job – watch the Kids – and take care that they don’t fight each other to much. And don’t watch to many Movies with them. Ok, job done and Kids are sleeping. Now what? New ways to do Art Hmm, Play around with the tablet, found […]

Indemann Cover DETart Blog

Indemann – A lighted building and sculpture

The Indemann is a 118-foot Observation Tower in Inden, Germany. This enormous building made out of steel has a great Illumination at night time.

Kid hacked iPhone5s

Kid “hacked” Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint

Does a Kid “hacked” Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor. See what Mashable writes about this.

How to build a Xmas tree – Infographic

There are only a few week until Xmas and it is time to start the project “Xmas Tree” now. So see how to build a xmas tree at this amazing infographic

Conversations with kids

Conversations with kids

Conversations with kids Here is an internet beloved video about communications with kids. The creator says “Actual conversations with my 2 year old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full-grown man” and you will love it. This one is “viewed from a little different angle” and I guess all parents will fully understand the […]

Why iRoll failed

Some weekend fun Yesterday I saw this nice picture and I like to have you as well smile about this one…. Why technology will never replace paper… We all need paper… and this nice picture shows at least on good reason. And sorry to my friends in india, I can’t use the traditional way, I […]

simplified blogging (Comic)

ALL you need to know about blogging This nice pictur – I don’t want to name it Infographic – brings it to the point.  😉 simplified blogging.


You know the situation when you are invited to a friends party and don’t know what you should bring as a present. Sure, flowers or something to drink is always nice, but not yet creative. As I’m in automation since many years I found this little mechanical machine with an great idea from some artists […]

Easter Candy by Tech Companies

Easter Candy made by Tech Companies… [COMIC]

Beware…. This is how Joy of Tech sees what happen if “tech companies made Easter candy“. It’s the episode 62 of their great work..  

Dangerous Easter bunny

Easter pictures with some fun I picked up my little one today from Kindergarten and she created again some nice work for the Easter days. A few hours later, this dangerous bunny did his job at our dinner table. We ended up with some fun session. Easter Bird hiding in Leffe bottle cap at eastern   […]


Vinyl to listen to A few days ago, Rene, a friend of mine called a bunch of people to join his next party. As we don’t meet so often, this yearly event is always welcome in my Agenda. But this is not a normal Rene and not a normal party Vinyl mission The mission for […]