How secure is your cloud?

In our digital life we use different Cloud solutions everywhere. From Dropbox to iCloud and from WhatsApp to Salesforce, BUT how secure are this services and solutions?

This is the first question I get in my workshops whenever we talk about cloud. If it comes to communication services within in the cloud, people are even more focused on security. Every Client in Germany like to have a  cloud solution in a secure environment where no other companies, governments or just the competition could “listen” in.

Which brings me to the following statement:

Cloud is wonderful – whenever it is safe!
– Detlev Artelt –

During my research I just found this Infographic made by Alan McMahon published at Tech Page One which I like to share with you today.


Have a look to all the details about security systems and the different aspects.

How Secure is Your Cloud? #infographic

How secure is your cloudTell me…

As always at the End of my posts, I like to get your feedback.

Please let me know your idea about this post or answer some of my questions.

  • What kind of security do you look for?

  • Do you trust a hosting in Germany?

Enjoy the new way of secure cloud communications.


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