Instagram Birthday with Gifographic

Instagram get’s 5

InstagramYes, it is just a few years ago as Instragram started and we celebrate just the fifth birthday. At October 6th in 2010 @kevin and @mikeyk started the service. I joined as @detaix on october 2nd in 2011 and my first action was to post a picture and follow @carlomatic if you like to have a look to all the stuff I posted on Instagram have a look to iconosquare


Detlev & his iPhone create pics from all over – I love to share moments & give inspiration 


See the Top 5 from 5 years

There is a great blog post from Clive Roach where you see the 5 pictures with the most likes on Instagram since the beginning


A Gifographic for the Birthday

Gifographic by OneProductions

Gifographic by OneProductions

How to create a Gifographic

Some more informations about this nice way to present information with some animation is available at this Gifographic or Infographic – WikiHow .

My best Instagram picture

Happy Birthday Instagram by Detlev ArteltMy top likes on Instagram I got for the little yellow chicken from my breakfast table. I took this picture at March 25th and in November 2015 it had already 120 likes and we will see if there are some more soon.

All other pics and my statistics are available at iconosquare where everybody may get his statistics for free.


Tell me….

As you know I like to interact with you, with your ideas or just with your different other networks. So please answer one of my questions.

  1. Do you Instagram? If so, please leave your LINK, so I can follow.

  2. Do you like the idea of a Gifographic?

Have a great day and enjoy all the other information at DETart Blog


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