19 FREE & Cool Social Media Tools

New Tools to do the Job

Yes, we all love being active on Social Media but any kind of automation is highly welcome.

For sure, you will know a few of this tools who are all Free of Charge, but I guess not all. I spend some time with this List and checked a few of the tools. For your service I added a list of Links


I found a few hidden gems in this list – Detlev Artelt


This great Infographic was produced by YourAdSquad.com 

Links to…

As the Infographis has no links to all the services, I spend some time to build this for you. Have a look, enjoy my service and leave me some words about the free Social Media Tool you use.

1  Buffer – buffer.com

2  Followerwonk – followerwonk.com

3  ViralWoot – viralwoot.com

4  IconoSquare – iconosquare.com 

5  COLLECTO – collec.to

6  Google Analytics – google.com/analytics

7  SUMALL- sumall.com

8  Quintly – quintly.com/pricing/

9  Cyfe – cyfe.com/singup

10 BeeVolce – www.beevolve.com

11  TallWind – www.tailwindapp.com

12  KeyHole – keyhole.co

13  KLOUT – klout.com

14  Crowdriff – crowdriff.com/riffle

15  myTopTweet – mytoptweet.com

16  HowSociable – www.howsociable.com

17  SocialBro – socialbro.com

18  Tweetreach – tweetreach.com

19  WolframAlpha – wolframalpha.com/facebook

Other FREE Social Media Tools

And as 19 cool and free tools are not yet enough, here are some more you might like as well.

Bonus 1  – Hootsuite – https://www.hootsuite.com

Bonus 2 – Reachpod – https://www.reachpod.com

Bonus 3 – Sprout Social – https://www.sproutsocial.com


Tell me…

I like to get YOUR feedback to all this information.

So please drop me some words about all the tools and your use of them.

  • Do you know ALL of this services
  • Wich one did a good job for you
  • Which one is your “cool tool from DETart Blog”


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