10 Tips to survive Video Calls

How to survive Video Calls

We see more and more video calling and due my research for a speech the next days I found some useful information  I like to share with you. Video, YES, it will come. We here it since many years and I like to repeat what we all se.

Video will be the next voice –  Detlev Artelt

With all the mobile devices we have tons of video cameras available for any case. But this means a change management for humans. As we all know a change is always a pain. So here some great tipps for you next video call.

How NOT to look ugly on a Webcam


Have a look to this useful infographic and you might have better video calls.

10 Tips to survive Video Calls  - Webcam Tips Info Graphic - Infographic Design by Lemonly
Learn more about this Webcam Tips Infographic Design from Lemonly.

Video conferencing Rule #1

Another good advice is the Video conferencing rule #1

Before signing on, always do a background check

10 Tips to survive Video Calls - video conferencing rule #1

Tell me…

As always at the End of my posts, I like to get your feedback, Please let me know what you learned or answer one of my questions.

  • What did you wrong with your worst video call?

  • Which Tip was most useful for you?



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