Being a Tourist or the Attraction

After many year of traveling all around the world, China was a quite long time on my list. I was always respectful as my concern – the language barrier – as I can’t speak any Chinese and with so many people not speaking English. But nowadays you find a small but fair amount of english speaking people.

The last days I figured out something else which made me think.

Do I’m a Tourist or the Attraction?

Many or nearly every culture has some different behaviour and this is something I, as a guest in a country, have to accept. But here I like to ask for your feedback.

Being in China

#PeopleWhoDidPicsOfMeWithoutAsking 1771

So whenever you visit a place here in China, you logically meet a lot of local people and they see you. Ok, they look at you as you are from outer space and they follow you with there eyes for a while and – Ok – they stop doing what they did before. All this is fine and I know it from many other places of the world.

The mobile age

But in the age of mobile devices now people place themselve in front of you, grab their mobile phone or smartphone and start – without saying a word – making pictures of of you. And in this case they do pictures of me.

You may name me a little bit security minded German, but – Hey – before I take a picture for anybody else, I have to ask.

Even better


I travel with kids and we did tours together with another family to a nice pagoda and other tourist locations.

Now some people jump in front of our Kids, grab their Selfie smartphone and do – without any question – a picture with the kids as they are some nice animals or a wonderful flower.

We always ask our kids if it is OK for them and most of the time they enjoy the attention from other people.

But please tell me your idea and your feeling about this….

But what to do?

#PeopleWhoDidPicsOfMeWithoutAsking 1771As the well equipped mobile traveller I started to react with my picture of this people an I like you to enjoy this collection of people who did pictures of me.

There will be soon many more on Instagram with the hashtag #PeopleWhoDidPicsOfMeWithoutAsking 

You will see the same at my Google+ and some other site.

If you enter in a similar situation, please tell me and feel free to use my hashtag for your pictures. I would love to get your link here as a comment

Finaly I wish you will have some fun with this.

Tell me….

  • Do you think this is rude?

  • Would you do the same with me in your country?

  • How do you feel in this situation?


Your comment

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