CHINA – Here we come!

Yes, we are going to China

And this time not yet another business trip to a Country I’ve never seen before, this time we travel with the whole family. We means 4 people – 2 kids and 2 former backpacker. 

Why this post?

But why do I write this post before my travel. I love to learn from my network, get some “secret” shopping tips and like to understand if Internet is really such a big issue. 

What is your China favorite?

Such a huge Country and so many places to see. A great Culture with so many unknown – at least for me – stories and cities.

Our plan is to start in Shanghai, stay with friends in Ningbo and have a trip to Bejing/Peking to see some culture and for sure the big wall. 

But what do we have to put to the Agenda?


Where to shop the Geek Stuff?

I love electronics and this means China should be a paradise for me. So where is the best market for good quality product? And as I don’t want to get problems with custom here in Germany – which products are allowed to carry home.  I don’t look for the cheap copies who are not working like the original product. Some special China products or any other cool device.

Your comment

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