Wearable technology – HOT or not?

Connected technology to wear

Since a few years we see more and more wearable technology for different situations of our day by day life. Most of the new tools work in the health care market and as well in multimedia, means with photo or video support.

wearable technology - HOT or not? - ArticleThe Wearable technology offers an interface for your smartphone or tablet. Most of the Wearables are connected via Bluetooth communication with your mobile device and use the internet connection and your personal data of your device for additional information.

It starts with tracking calories and counting your daily steps but the latest gadgets do much more like pictures and voice commands.

You may wear a device on your head like lenses, on your wirst like a watch, on your finger like a ring or anywhere else as you may wich.

But first, you have to decide:

Do you like to carry technology
on your finger, head, wrist
or somewhere else on your body?

If you like, here we are with wearable technology today?


Probably the most discussed product is the Google Glass and with all the pros and cons, my personal feeling is that this tool has big potential to change many of our life.

Wearable technology - Google Glass and Visor


If you don’t want to wear some tech on your head, because you  think you look like the Borgs from Startreck, the Pebble Watch might be a great gadget for you. This color e-paper smartwatch comes with up to 7 days of battery life and a new timeline interface that highlights what’s important in your day.

Some people say that this Kickstarter (crowdfunding) project Pebble might be the real Apple iWatch Killer, but judge yourself and wait until apple will release his watch. Today, already more 65.000 people got the new pebble watch at Kickstarter.

Wearable technology - pebble smart watch

The Google Glass and the Pebble Watch are some positive examples,


The news about the Logbar’s Ring doesn’t sound so wonderful. Many people complain about this cool idea. All the activity tracker have more or less a positive feedback from all the Users.

Wearable technology - smart and other ringsThere are other Rings like the Mota and the Smarty Ring or the FIN that claims it makes your Palm a Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface. In 2015 we will see many of this products NEW or updated on the market. On the other hand, there is the Ring Clock, which is not so smart but just gives you the time.

So overall, wearables seems to have a great future, even if this is again a big Change in behaviour.

Infographic Wearable Gadgets

World of Wearable Technology

On my research I saw this nice graphic which gives a great overview about all kind of wearable applications.

Wearable technology - The world of

HOT or not?

Finally, you have to judge yourself. I think we will see a dramatic amount of new wearable technology within the next few years. Sure, some of the new gadgets will may work moderate, but as always, there is new technology and over the next years it will get better and better.

I like to say:

I think – Wearable technology is HOT!

Tell me…

As usual, I like to hear your feedback and your idea about Wearable technology.

So please take a moment and leave me some words at the comment section.

  • Do you use already some Wearable?

  • Which one is your preferred wearable technology? And why?



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  4. Tried the google glass for about two hours, although impressed with its features for the short time I got to play with it, ended up with a blinding headache. Obviously the eyes need more time to adjust to using it. Wearable’s for me is a NOT at the moment, I can’t see the point of the watch unfortunately, having another device that goes “beep” to tell you to answer your phone seems excessive to say the least

  5. I initially loved the idea of Google glasses but then I started to think- we spend hundreds and often thousands on tech, if it’s our phones we ensure we look after them and keep them safely in our bags/pockets and our laptops and ipads etc are very rarely taken out in a public place- we’re really protective of the money we spend so would we really want to walk around with thousands worth of tech on our faces? Google glass because of it’s price wouldn’t be purchased by as many as say the iPhone so those wearing the glasses would stick out even more…brilliant target for thieves right?

  6. I really like your idea! I have two wearable gadget matching your list, they are Google glasses and pebble watch. Both the gadgets are awesome and I agree that the wearable technology is hot.

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  8. priyanka · · Reply

    its hot

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