Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

Your Instagram need a strategy

Ok, you have some Visitors to your Instagram, but with some help this might be much much more.

you have nice pictures,
but is there as well a strategy?

My Instagram

Have a look to my pictures at Instagram and Enjoy or leave a comment.

DETaix as Instagram - Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

Infographic Website

Here are some useful information you might consider to optimise your Instagram.
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Say Cheese: Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

Via Salesforce

Tell me…

Please give me your feedback as a comment here at the DETart Blog. I like to start a little discussion on how you might change your Instagram or like to hear from you what I should change on my Instragram.

Does this Information is useful for you?

What do I have to change on our my DETaix Instagram?



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  2. Joan-FindingLeads4U · · Reply

    Do not agree with sticking to only what is ‘product relevant’ – the 80/20 procedure applies to most social media, 80% quotes or pictures and 20% product, don’t kill your community with push selling. Make it interesting and if possible story telling or relevant to your country and culture.

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    Some good points for me to remember and try out 🙂

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