5 ways to post to Instagram from desktop

You love Instagram but your pictures are on your PC. There are different ways to move your wondefull pictures to your mobile device, but this is not always

How to Instagram from desktop?

Here are 5 different ways and tools.



5 WAYS TO POST TO INSTAGRAM FROM DESKTOP - BlueStacks App PlayerBlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and fullscreen in your browser and on PC.

Tens of millions of people around the world use top apps like Candy Crush Saga, Telegram, Temple Run 2 and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took our engineers two years to build the complex “LayerCake” technology that enable this to happen. Just click the button below to download and install the App Player on your PC.
How to upload pics to instagram using bluestacks app



InstaPic is an unofficial Windows 8 client to use Instagram, the popular social network for sharing photos. With InstaPic, you can perform virtually the same actions on mobile devices like iPhone and Android as the official Instagram client: upload your photos, view your friends, apply filters and other visual tweaks, comment on and favorite pictures. It includes search and image download, and you need an Instagram account to use it.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated search
  • Well designed
  • Editing tools
  • Track your friends
  • Support for Facebook and Twitter


  • Limited to Instagram
  • Unofficial version





Gramblr is a photo uploader for Instagram. It is a desktop app for Windows (Mac version is also available) that lets you upload any photo from your computer to your Instagram account, with the possibility of adding comments and tags. It also includes social sharing options so that you can easily share your pics to Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a user of this popular photo sharing service, you know that unlike Facebook or Twitter, it is not possible to upload photos from the Instagram web interface. If you need to share pics that are stored at your PC or camera, you will most likely need to transfer these photos to your mobile device, which could be a rather cumbersome task. Using Gambrl can be a possible solution.

Text taken from http://gramblr.software.informer.com/


  • Uploads pics from PC to Instagram.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works with pics of the required size and dimension.
  • Free.


  • Uploads one pic at a time.
  • Does not indicate when a pic is not processed.
  • No filters.




Schedule and manage your Instagram posts

Easily plan & schedule your Instagram posts
Upload images from the web or phone
Management from the web app or mobile app
Get scheduled images pushed to your phone
Get started free






An easier way to manage Instagram
ScheduGram is for social media managers who need an easier way
to manage Instagram for their clients and brands.
Schedugram features web uploading, scheduling,
and supports multiple accounts


  • Powerful
  • Multiple accounts


  • No Free but different plans


5 ways intagram on desktopTell me…

Please have a feedback for me. I did not test all of this but a few. So let me know your results.

– Do you use one of this tools?

– Which one do you like most?



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    1. Rian Gtohish · · Reply

      I want to add one more way for upload photo to instagram from PC https://push.photo/

  2. Thx for the info… I didn’t know some of these platforms were around

  3. Reblogged this on Milieunet.

  4. Very informative. Thank you for the info.

  5. Joan-FindingLeads4U · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Joan Stewart –Finding Leads 4 U and commented:
    Some great ways to use Instagram from your desktop, I personally use BlueStacks along with Dropbox to speed up the process.

  6. Find a way out at last. Thanks a lot mate!

  7. Hi Detlev. Thanks for the great post. Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that Latergramme is now available for Android: http://lat.gr/latergramme-andr…. Thanks! – Destin from Latergramme

  8. lovely writeup on instagram!!.. Love it.. thumbs up!!

  9. Thanks for the info, loved it and so helpful! Sharing on Linked In!

  10. pusham.com another one way to post photo to instagramm. It’s legal, can post in another time and with tags

  11. deskgram.com is the best site from where you can very easily upload a photo from mac,pc and desktop to your instagram

    1. Ok, thanks a lot. It seems I need to do a verion 2 of this post.

  12. Or simply use this if you are a Mac user: http://vox.vg/apps/instagramic/

  13. https://postaddict.me in my opinion the best app ever. You can posts photos and (!) videos.
    Beautiful design and really easy to use user experience.
    Another good thing that their support team rock

  14. Chukwuma · · Reply

    Either you forgot to mention or you didnt know that with Instapic you cannot upload videos, and that is a con

  15. where is the camera setting in blue stacks ?
    please help me i would like to add photos on Instagram

    1. don’t seem to have that option either. have you found anything out?

  16. Nonameneed · · Reply

    THXs a very helpful overview(also added by some comments). But didn`t get a free solution for uploading Pics to Instagramm from desktop. Instagrammapps running with BlueStacks: i haven`t found any possibility for uploading Pics from desktop. The uploadfunction from InstaPic (my prefered app) is bugged at the moment (since weeks). When i try to open the site of Gramblr it is blocked by several antivirus apps, so i don`t go further. Latermark would only run with BlueStacks, so I didn`t try. I think the trialversions could do well, but i am looking for a free solution. My free solution at the moment is “the old way”: sending from desktop to smartdevices, and from there over apps to Instagramme.

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  18. The is also weebgram.com and wisel.it from any PC or OS .. , and they quite better that any of the commented on the post.

  19. […] help me post images to Instagram from my desktop. Among free tools available out there as listed in this article here, I have tried Bluestacks & Gramblr. Bluestacks, in my opinion, is extremely unreliable as it […]

  20. Aroloma.com · · Reply

    Really Amazing article for us ill sure try it



  21. For me easiest way is Zengram.net: it’s a web-based application for routine automation, but it has a very comfortable posting feature. As the service works on any device with a browser and internet conncection you can use it anytime by just entering the incognito mode on any PC you have near. I tried some of the apps you listed, but they were either not supported by minor OS’s, or they were glitching and freezing my computer.

  22. Hello Detlev Artelt,
    This is wonderful post you made! Very informative. I didn’t knew about Schedugram and it provides so many useful functions. I would like also to add on your list Deskgram which is very easy and safe to upload your photos from your desktop computer on Instagram.

    Have a nice day!

  23. @ali2mdj, the ‘deskgram.com’ has hidden cost.

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