ALSiceBucketChallenge – The End

ALSiceBucketChallenge at DETart BlogALSiceBucketChallenge?

Yes, what a cool idea and even better,

the Challenge show
the power of Social Media!

But I think it is over now.

Go and give your 100 bucks to someone who need it and enjoy it to give. Keep the illness of ALS in mind and as well the other deseace people my have.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this way to reach the people, to engage with a topic, but enough is enough.

My ALSiceBucketChallenge

Sitting after two busy days on my way home at the Airport in Hamburg. I looked at my Facebook and saw my Social Media friend Olaf Kracht who gave me a challenge.



My answer

See my answer to the challenge and let me know your idea on this.


Tell me…

as usual, i like to know your idea about this topic.
Please leave me a comment.

Did you made a ALSiceBucketChallenge?

Do you think this whole thing was for……



  1. Lisa Marie Konrad · · Reply

    I am confused. Didn’t you just post this video?

    Lisa Marie

    1. Hi Lisa,
      yes, some days ago. And I still think the #ALSiceBucketChallenge is a great and the viral idea is wonderful BUT it as well has an END.

  2. Most money that is given for disease research is a drop in the bucket, there really is not much money spent on it compared to everything else that we buy.

    Our government spends 100x more on war than disease research so campains like this are a good thing.

    People seem to think these research groups are cash rich, it’s really not true.

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