Tongue is Quicker than Fingers

Dictation or not?

voice compass - (R)Evolution in der Kommunikation - by Detlev ArteltThis technology is around since many years and reached still not all of us. As the author of the voice compass books, I talk about speech technology since many years and I as well “eat my own dogfood“, means I use dictation on my mobile and as well on my macbook. I use this for writing longer articles or even some Email.

But as well setting my Alarm on my telephone or call some people from my telephone book on my mobile is a typical time saver and a typical job for a speech command.

With other words:

Speech is faster as the Keyboard

There are some interesting facts and calculations with this infographic which says you save 3 hours a day. But if you only save half an hour or one hour per day, you end up with a lot of time for yourself, other work or even your family. So please think about this.


To save time  is still a huge topic at many companies. But the Change Management to speech technology does not reach the mind or does not get enough acceptance. Have a look to the Infographic, wich is from 2010 but more actual than ever.

Tongue is faster than fingers - Infographic courtesy of

Infographic courtesy of

Tell me…

Tongue is Quicker than Fingers - DETart BlogHope to get you thinking a bit. Please leave me a comment as I want to know how many people already use speech and why.

– Do you use dictation on you mobile?

– Do you use dictation on your desktop?

Do you have any question about speech technology. My job is to help other people and companies, so feel free to connect, mail me or just leave your question at the comment section.



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