Depeche Mode by DMK

The different Cover Band

Have a look to this Band. A father an his kids from Bogota in Colombia. They are in Love with the songs from Depeche Mode and they perform it in their own way.

I was listening to their songs again and again this evening while doing this blog post. So please enjoy yourself.

DMKSee the official Depeche Mode Facebook Page and have a look to the DMK Facebook page at DMK Band. Here is their story which I took from their Infopage.

The DMK story

In 2010, a difficult moment in Dicken Schrader’s personal life prompted this audiovisual artist from Bogotá, Colombia, to find some closure by covering a song that seemed to perfectly describe his ordeal: “Shake The Disease” by British electro-pop band Depeche Mode, his favorite group since he was in his teens.

DMK: “Shake The Disease”

The song was released via YouTube with a video in which he appeared to play simultaneously a series of instruments, toys and recycled materials, recreating with them very crudely the industrial sounds of the 1985 classic. But the most outstanding feature of this video, and the one that would spark an unexpected viral phenomenon, was the inclusion of Schrader’s children, who reproduced alongside their father some of the sounds that make up the song.
Back then Milah and Korben, who were just 7 and 4 years old respectively, already displayed not only great interest in music but also amazing talents in learning and performing it. This fact, on top of the positive feedback from the few people who saw the video, encouraged them to create not just one, but a series of Depeche Mode covers that would document the kids’ growth in stature and music virtuosity through the years. Something to entertain friends and family.

DMK: “Everything Counts”

But with the release of their third cover, “Everything Counts,” in December, 2011, the trio inadvertently attracted the attenion of a much larger audience. The video was featured in Oprah Winfrey’s and Perez Hilton’s blogs, CNN, The Guardian, The Huffington Post U.S. and U.K., radio stations in Europe, newscasts and media outlets all over the world, and in a matter of weeks it easily amassed a million hits on YouTube.
This sudden popularity took the Schraders by surprise and compelled them into oficially founding the band known as

DMK (Dicken-Milah-Korben but also Depeche Mode Kids).

In 2014, DMK is releasing their seventh Depeche Mode cover, “But Not Tonight,” and facing their biggest challenge yet: their first live performances outside Colombia at the Échale Latino Music Estyles in San Antonio and the ¡Pachanga! Latino Music Festival in Austin, Texas, on May 9th and 10th.

DMK: “Black Celebration”

The trio’s popularity has been growing steadily throughout the years. What is it about this band that attracts even the most cynical? Maybe it’s the fact that DMK brings music closer to people, by proving that it can be created with anything, by anyone.


Here is a Playlist with their cover songs

Go and spend them some LOVE



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