How SAFE is Wifi

Wireless Network

With all our mobile devices a powerful network is nowadays a must. We use Wifi all over the world and some of the are secured, other are open. See some information on the risk of using public wifi.

Some Wifi statistics:

5 Million public hotspots

2,6 Exabyte to 15,7 Exabyte in 2018

64% of hotels offer FREE Wifi

See many more information at the Infographic from

Infographic – Safe Wifi

How Safe is that Wifi?

How Safe is that Wifi? An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

Test you Wifi

Have a look to this Articles and learn about some Wifi testing and hacking tool

15 free (or almost free) Wi-Fi security testing tools



Tell me…

How do you secure your Wifi?
Do you use Free Hotspots?



  1. This is some fascinating information! Those statistics are incredible and the tips are very helpful. Thank you!

  2. Reblogged this on caseyfahey.

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