Art by DETart

So, here I am. An evening at home. Main job – watch the Kids – and take care that they don’t fight each other to much. And don’t watch to many Movies with them.

Ok, job done and Kids are sleeping. Now what?

New ways to do Art

Hmm, Play around with the tablet, found an camera app that I never used before, but downloaded it for some good reasons. OOOhhhh, it can take pictures when it is nearly dark. KLICK

STEP 1 – Take picture


Look at this one… Looks somewhat cool.

But what to do with it now?? Yes, there was as well the Photoshop App and this might be fun….

STEP 2 – modify picture

Now do some more action with all this filter…

STEP 3 – mix it


STEP 4 – add some text

Yes, looks even a bit more cool with some more colors and a bit more contrast.


STEP 4 – share it

I went to Instagram and added the result of my fun. Likes are showing up within a few minutes…

My tools

My Apps for this job are PhotoBooth, PhotoShop Express and Tilled

And wordpress for iPad as the Editor for this post.

Tell me….

Do you like it?
If this post has some Inspiration, drop me a link to your result….



  1. Reblogged this on denniscoble.

  2. So, is it really art, using an app with pre-configured possibilities? You are looking older than you are … I’m again reminded off Villem Flusser “Für eine Philosophie der Fotografie”, a must read today, in my humble opinion (please see my essay on the work of Maximilian Glanz: – Cheers, Kai

    1. Hi Kai, will have a look to Flusser.

      ART, hmm what is ART – IMHO any kind of creative creation with any kind of “toy” or paintbrush or….

      See ya around

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