ROI and Trust of Personalization

Here some FACTSROI and Trust of Personalization - DETart Blog

…about personalization and what digital marketers say about this topic. Adobe and Econ­sultancy asked around 400 digital marketers in Europe and US.


of digital marketers say social graph personalization is high impact


of digital marketers say personalization based on purchase history is high impact


of digital marketers agree personalization is fundamental to their online strategy


4 Steps to perfect Personalization

Thanks Adobe for this Info.


Tell me….

What do you say about Personalization?

Do you agree to the numbers??

Please leave me your ideas in the comment section….



  1. As a user, I know I will enjoy my experience more but am just upset after booking a hotel that the same companies still bombard me with hotels in the same city. I like to hide in the anonymity of public.

    1. YES, some of this tools are stupid. After looking to a product at Amazon, I get a lot of useless advertisements about the same products for some days. Maybe die the reason that I didn’t bought it …..

  2. Sehr schöne Infografik

    Beste Grüße aus dem Norden

    Hansjörg Leichsenring

    1. Gern und auch ein Wau Wau an Fenja….

  3. Personalization is important, but the numbers….. well, I’m not so positive.

  4. sathishisaac · · Reply

    very informative,thanks for sharing!

  5. thanks for sharing. If the personalisation is spot on, no problem. Unfortunately, mostg of the times it isn’t. Do not know if the numbers are correct. But, I do know that I kinda get annoyed with systems that believe they know what I need to know in the future. Meaning my past search terms are no guarantee for future needs. On the contrary, I often search for unknown things.

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