Do you CeBIT 2014

CeBIT is calling – do you answer?


The computer fair CeBIT in Germany is an exhibition and a huge conference. In 2013 there where 280.00 visitors and around 7000 exhibitors. But this numbers are declining.

Don’t get me wrong, I was – and I’m still a big fan, but the Internet change my need to meet people on such huge events. And due this reason, the CeBIT changed a lot – I think back to less visitors and to more quality.

Facts about CeBIT

The No. 1 Event for the Digital World

They says about the eventAcross the world, communication technologies are bringing people and business processes closer together. But there’s still no substitute for face- to-face meetings between two individuals. And that’s where CeBIT comes in. The show is a must for the entire industry ¿ so there’s no better place to meet the people you want to talk to!

List of Categories

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Data Analysis, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Web & Mobile Solutions, IT Services, Security, Communication & Networks, Infrastructure & Data Center, Research & Innovations, job and career, Public Sector Parc, Planet Reseller, Global Sourcing for Devices & Accessories

All this is interesting but……

Are you going to CeBIT?

Some statistics

The information from Statistica shows some changes in visitors and there are

around 50% less visitors 

within the last 10 years is a clear trend. But where do we end up?
Statistik: Anzahl der Besucher der Computermesse CeBIT von 2004 bis 2013 | Statista
Mehr Statistiken finden Sie bei Statista

My trip to CeBIT 2014

This year will be my first year since around 20 years of CeBIT where I will not attend the show. Mainly due the reason that I don’t expect to see so many new stuff. The communication with companies is nowadays much easier and this saves me some travel time and as well the over priced hotels in and near Hannover.

Tell me….

Let me know why you go or why you not go.



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  2. Selbstverständlich wie jedes Jahr, dennoch dieses Mal nur noch einen Tag der es in sich hatte. Tebben trifft Eugene Kaspersky: Total paranoid – aber wir werden es überleben!“ [CeBIT 2014]

    1. Ja, das höre ich von vielen Besuchern. Eigentlich entspricht das ja auch der kürzeren Dauer der Veranstaltung. Ich war schon etwas traurig, das ich dieses Jahr gar nicht da war, aber die anderen guten Termine, die an den Tagen stattfanden waren es mehr als Wert.

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