Social Media Marketing

Marketing and Social Media

See how social media is changing the marketing. The Consumer becomes the Marketer. The following infographic gives some more interesting information about this dramatic change.

Think about your changes in your marketing. Did you changed a lot so far?

If not, maybe this infographic has some creativ ideas for your activities.

Infographic Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in 2013

Infographic by MilenaV.

Background on Social Media Marketing

There is an interesting post about social media marketing on Wikipedia  Social media marketing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and some more facts at the post from Buisness Standard. See the article “Marketing teams at tech firms get busier with social media” where they say “Experts say social media impacting B2B marketing; skill set for marketing professionals changingat

Social Media Martkeing at 414 Marketing The Website 414 Marketing has a post about the TOP sites for social media marketing.

Tell me….

Did you change you markting already or are you still do the sames as before?


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  1. Herzlichen Dank lieber Detlev für die spannende Infografik, die sehr gut demonstriert wie Social Media das klassische Marketing nicht nur erweitert, sondern beinahe schon erschüttert. Wir sollten uns bald mal zu einem kleinen Social Media Interview auf meinem Blog verewigen.

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