Thementage Einfach. Anders. Arbeiten.

Einfach Anders Arbeiten

3 days in a row – Workshops, Cooking, Office Golf and tons of information about the new way of working. An event based on the new knowledge of the new publication from Detlev Artelt.

Our motto „Einfach. Anders. Arbeiten.“ means simply work different

and within these three days, we’d like to show you many different aspects about work, communications and companies in the process of change.


We start every day at 14:00 and we will end around 18:30. Enjoy a fresh mix and a bunch of creative ideas for your new way of working. See the full agenda, the list of speakers and the different activities at our German landing page at

Themantage: Einfach. Anders. Arbeiten - DETart Blog

eco competence group unified communications

eco – Association of the German Internet Industry is, with around 700 members, the largest Internet industry association in Europe. Since 1995 the eco has been instrumental in the development of the Internet in Germany fostering new technologies, infrastructures and markets and forming framework conditions. The competence group for Unified Communications is run by Detlev Artelt and together with this group the “Thementage” are being arranged.

Idea Contest

Be part of the event and let us know your new idea. The eco institution startet an Idea Contest. Just send an e-mail to until January, 2014 together with your link to a 60-second-video in which you explain your innovative project/idea.

Save the Date

February -  2014, from 13:30 to 19:15 Uhr 
– eco Kubus, Lichtstraße 43i, 50825 Köln –
– Get your ticket at the German eco Website

The New Book

A very new publication “Einfach Anders Arbeiten” is on the way.  This new publication shows how the latest technology enables us to a different way of working and living. It will be available at Q2 2014 as hardcover and as well as e-book for all kinds of latest e-book readers at Amazon and 40 other e-book shops.

Einfach Anders Arbeiten - Detlev Artelt - aixvox

Why this book

With a clear focus on easy understandable content and many examples from real life scenarios, this publication will guide you to the latest technologies and to the benefit your business will get from the use of these technologies.

What do you get…

See how you will save plenty of time in your day by day work and how you work smarter with your network. Today we have no need to send documents to each other – working together in collaboration enables a new and much more comfortable way of work…

LIVE at Thementage

At the Thementage we show a lot of this functionality LIVE in a state of the art office enviroment with some help of VITRA furnitures and a new concept of work enviroments.

Your ticket

We offer a free ticket at the German eco Website for this event and for three days of different content, different speakers and different LIVE actions.



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