SME Making Headway with New Communications

A new communication for SME

eco International   Association of the German Internet Industry

Based on a Online-meeting with 5 Experts from the communication market the eco says the “Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Making Headway with New Communication Solutions”


  • According to eco – Association of the German Internet Industry (, medium-sized companies are profiting substantially from modern collaboration tools
  • Implementation only makes sense, however, if the communication solutions are mobile, allow collaboration over a platform, and documents can be jointly and simultaneously revised.

The Experts say

More and more medium-sized companies are recognizing the advantages of unified communications and collaboration tools. This is the collective result of an online podium discussion, in which eco – Association of the German Internet Industry and representatives of leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Unify, Avaya and NetTask examined the current communication trends. Whereas in many companies, the executive level continues to be anchored in traditional communication solutions, staff teams and departments are making increasing use of new possibilities. This shows that there is already a large and constantly growing readiness for unified communications and co. within small and medium-sized companies.

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