Merry Christmans – Santa Claus Infographic

Merry Christmas – Enjoy your time

It is the End of the year 2013 and I like to say thank you for all the visits and even more for all your positive comments. Today I like to share an Infographic about “The Origin and Evolution of Santa Claus” which I found at and which was poste Yiannis Stathoyiannis who works as PR & Communications Executive at Freelancer

Infographic about Santa Claus

See some facts about Santa and his friends. You might get some interesting fact to talk about the next days. Hope you have the time to enjoy some peaceful time with your family, your friends and all beloved people around you.

Merry Christmas - Santa Claus


What are you doing on Christmas?

You know I love comments, so please leave me some words about your activities for the next days.



  1. When I was a child I had many very old Christmas children’s books, given to me by much older cousins, who had probably received them as hand-me-downs, too. I once did a “census” of Santa’s robe colour across my books. I had one dark blue, two green and four red Santas. They’re all red now, thanks to Coca Cola’s advertising over the years!

  2. Great infographic. I love Santa and the stories behind the evolution of Christmas traditions.

  3. smanaher · · Reply

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  4. Ho, ho, ho!

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    The evolution of Santa Claus!

  6. I found this infographic AMAZING! All the stories through history I didn’t know. Thanks Det

    1. Hi Scotty, you are wwelcome. Have a great time.

  7. awesomeopp · · Reply

    Thanks for the share Det!

  8. Merry Christmas !! And Happy New year ahead !! Thanks to share !

  9. Fun infographic! I learned something new!

  10. Thank you for sharing this historical perspective! Happy holidays!

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