How to loose your Clients by poor Service

Clients use all channels

Today we have many different ways to interact with a service center. In the past, most of us used the phone and a call center was what the name says – a bunch of people waiting for calls. Nowadays there is much more and the service center has to add all the NEW CHANNELS to serve us customers in the right way.

Many service center manager still don’t understand this need as they think:

 We do service on the phone since 10+ years
–> people will call as well in future.

BUT this is not true. We need service on all channels…..

Recent study

At their post Altitude says that customer switch after they had some poor customer service is

A recent Accenture study of 13.000 customers in 32 countries shows that the number of customers switching due to poor service has, from 2011 to 2012, increased 4%, from 62% to 66%. Nonetheless, 82% of customers that switched say companies could have done something to prevent them switching, primarily first contact resolution.

Infographic about Unify Desktops

This kind of Communications Desktop offers a service center an integration of many communication channels. I saw this Infographic made by Altitude, a vendor which is listed in Gartner Quadrant for contact centres, and I like to share this with you to start an discussion on this topic.


Tell me….

On wich channel did you had your last customer service communication?

Just a phone call or some other like Chat, Fax, Letter or any social media network?

Do you change the product on poor Service?

Looking forward to your feedback!



  1. smanaher · · Reply

    Providing unified desktops will definitely allow agents and sales people with a full view on how their clients have interacted and engaged with them. Having used this same methodology in large and small businesses, I can tell you that it is effective and empowering.

  2. Great infographic, clear & to the point.

  3. I agree, we use Saleslogix as CRM and Microsoft Lync, so everything is documented and nothing can lost. For tickets we have an escalation system that no customer has to wait longer as the contract provide to him.

  4. Jamie J · · Reply

    Awesome stuff – This was really interesting for me.

  5. Peter C. Rodriguez · · Reply

    Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.

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