Best and Worst Time to Post

At what time do you reach people

Social media is all about people. But you need to reach you Audiance.

See some news from different sources about WHEN you should post.


Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

Do you agree?

Leave me a few words about this and tell me how do youreach your audiance! Looking forward to new ideas,


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  1. Not sure about this as depending on where your audience is located at is what you want to look at as far as when to post. I am not sure where they get all of this data from, it is not specific to certain industries. I know for my posts of what I can track, most of my posts in G+ actually occur later in the evening around 11 PM.

    The other issue is if it is 1 PM in California and it is 4 PM in Florida- But your in Minnesota… do you post your time as indicated for best results or other time zones. What happens when you are posting at 3 PM and want to have someone in Italy see it, well it is possible they are already in bed sleeping and don’t really care if you posted or not!

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