Mobile Business Communications

The mobile evolution

Interesting information about the evolution in mobile business communications. See where we started and when the mobile virus, the first mobile phone with camera and other parts of the evolution arrived in our world business of communications.


This Infographic is made by Switch Pay. This Mobile payment processing company titled at their blog “The History of Mobile Technology in Business” which details the major milestones in mobile communication.

Mobile Business Communications - Infographic

Late 2013

Nowadays we have more tablets and we are soon able to work anywhere. or let’s say it a little bit different.


Anywhere where there is a network connection we may work.

if we like to work….



  1. Using business technology in communication can create various security issues. Emails, text messages and other website communication are often vulnerable to hackers or other individuals who should not have access to certain information. These security issues can create serious legal liabilities if a customer’s personal information, such as a credit card number, social security number or driver’s license is accessed by illegal means through a company’s business technology. Companies must also create internal controls to safeguard information from inappropriate actions by company employees.

  2. Now let’s take a look at the plusses and minuses of each kind of mobile business communications device.

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