iOS 7 – All Features

iOS 7 All Feature - DETart BlogNew iPhone by new software?

Since September Apple offers the new software for your iPhone as a free update. This is a mayor update and there are many new feature. So it is time to show you a few of the new feature and today I spend some time to collect this videos for you – while my iPhone is doing his update.

The world most advanced mobile OS

is what Apple says about the new OS = Operating System

The Highlights

  1. Design – cleaner
  2. Control Center – swipe up
  3. Multitaking – easier and more overview
  4. Better cam software to edit pictures
  5. SIRI – new voice and more feature

iOS 7 – Messages On iPhone 5

Hidden Features of iOS 7

A nice video about iOS 7

have a look the ABC News website as I can’t integrate this video.  iOS 7: A Guide to the New Features | Video – ABC News.


See much more at Apple’s website


The next BIG thing? iOS in the car

iOS in the car I just saw during my web research this now sterring wheel app icon.

It looks like there will be soon an apple App which works for you in your car….


What is your best-loved Feature?

Tell me, just leave a comment and please let me know if I missed something…



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