How Video speeds up corporate communication

For many years, video has been trying to hit the corporate environment. We have seen many early stage telephone-based solutions lacking functionality and screen size, but with the emergence of latest technology, there is another chance.

Many many times I have received word that

Video will be the next Voice

Let’s see….

Video communication

More and more enterprises are adopting video technologies for their communication needs. From internal communication for long-distance collaboration and conferencing to customer-centric video services, audiovisual communication considerably abets the employees’ dedication.
See how…

  • Emotional attachment
  • Employee retention
  • Commitment
  • Productivity

will change in your company and in your team

Infographic about video conferencing

A few days ago I saw the Infographic about Video Conferencing created or published by GEORGE VLACHOS, which he created on JUL 19th, 2013.

Video Conferencing for Coperate

Tell me

What do you think about video communication in your corporation? Are you using it or is this yet another unpopular and unused technology, which costs a fortune???


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