Tweet Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet for Twitter

Here are some useful informations if you are working with Twitter

Optimice you tweet

You might like to get your Tweet to the right people. So think about some little changes in TIME, SIZE and FORMAT to reach reach this goal and use the TWEET CHEAT SHEET

My test

Reading all this, I said to myself “do a little test”. So from a chat on Twitter I got the following words

A clear goal is a good helper to focus

and with this message I composed a tweet where I added as well a link to an image

“A clear goal is a good helper to focus”- by Detlev Artelt –  – please ReTweet

Detlevs test on Tweet Cheat Sheet

I posted this at 10:22 PM – 8 Jun 13 and wonder what will happen.

First result

After 22 hours there where 2 ReTweets. Thanks to @JamesDean1975

Let’s see what we have after a week.



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