2000 Followers on Twitter

2000 Followers – What a day

I just had a look to my Twitter page and saw that my account reached the amount of 2000 Followers.

As I started with twitter around two years ago, I never thought that this will happen. So thanks to all the people who listen to my twitter and who stay with the news and information I send through the Twitter channel.

See the Statistics

Detlev Artelt twittert

Thank to my last Followers

This screenshot shows the last few followers and if you like to do me a favor, jump to their Twitter page, follow them and send a greeting from Detlev aka @voice_compass

The List

@voice_compass Follower on Twitter - Detlev Artelt






































What’ s next?

Let’s see when I may hit the next thousand more. So stay with me, have a look to my Xeeme page to see all the other networks where I’m active and feel free to retweet a bit or just communicate via Twitter.



  1. Congrats! That is a big number and a lot of fun. Good luck with growing even more.

    1. Thanks Harold, your ReTweets and Comments did help! Have a great day…

  2. Reblogged this on Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and commented:
    C o n g r a t s on 2K follower on Twitter

    1. Mary,

      thank you for all your interaction with my different Blogs and my Twitter.

  3. Great Job Det. I think the 2K mark is the trickiest # to hit for most since twitter always watches the ratio at this milestone.

  4. well done

  5. Sales Performance · · Reply

    Great work!

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