Understanding Google PageRank [Infographic]

Google PageRank


How Google PageRank is like running for Prom King/Queen – an interesting but worthy analogy.

How Does Google PageRank Work
We are all becoming more and more aware of the importance of HIGH QUALITY backlinks. It is paramount to moving up in the Google PageRank athon. Discounted by some, I believe that at the very least, understanding Google PageRank is something that all internet marketers, small businesses, start-up companies and entrepreneurs need to embrace. Like it or not, Google is THE search engine authority and nothing they do, control, run, endorse should be taken lightly.

So  back to understanding Google PageRank. This infographic actually does a great job explaining how it works using the analogy of votes for prom king/queen.

It is not necessarily the amount of votes, but it is the QUALITY of votes, or in our case, backlinks. (Oh and no offense to the marching band and drama club the infographic makes…

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  1. Users issue voice commands by first saying “ok glass”, then the command, or they can scroll through the options using a finger along the side of the device. The Explorer Edition has an interchangeable sunglasses accessory which twists on or off. Monthly updates to the Glass are planned after the program starts.

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