Eat Sushi like a Pro

Sushi is famous

But Sushi is different and comes with many new names where a lot people don’t have the right name present for the kind of Sushi they like to eat. You maybe as well know the feeling while you eat your Sushi

Do I eat my Sushi the right way?

A few basic Rules

  1. Put Wasabi directly on the Fish
  2. Dip the Fish not the Rice into the Soy Sauce
  3. Place the Sushi in Mouth Fish side down
  4. Do not put hald eaten Sushi on plate
  5. Eat a slice of Ginger in between to cleanse the Palate

An Infographic helps

Today you see an Infographic for nearly everything and so as well for

How to eat Sushi like a Pro


The Infographic on Sushi

Eat Sushi like a Pro

Have fun and share

…and if you find or know a great Sushi place, drop a comment



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  2. I used to LOVE sushi! I wish I’d known this before I became a vegan!! D’oh!! O_o

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