Smartphone Trends in 2013

Smartphone Trends in 2013

There is an interesting Infographic about our beloved digital friends who live in our pockets, satchels or just in our hands. Nowadays the smartphone is the all in one device for communication, navigation, entertainment and many other.

Mobile Operation systems

See how Apples iOS, Android by Google, RIM, Microsoft and other share the market and how the Global smartphone population is growing

smartphone trends in 2013 by thinkcomputers

Find your new digital friend

At the Gizmag Smartphone Comparison Guide 2013 you can have a look at a lot of new devices and find a great guide to compare this with your individual need.

The guide compares

  • size
  • build
  • weight
  • display
  • processor and speed
  • memory (RAM)
  • storage
  • camara
  • battery
  • and other…..

smartphone guide 2013

What’s your idea for 2014 and after?

Just drop me a line about your idea how you think the market will change.

Will Apple grow, will Microsoft get a bigger stake or….



  1. Rudolph · · Reply

    Thanks very interesting blog!

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