voice with mobile devices

Smarter mobile usage

The explosion of mobile computing exemplified by smartphones, tablet computers, automobile systems, and tools for mobile workers has been matched by a less noted trend–the maturing of speech and language technology that allows more intuitive interaction with mobile devices.

The nature of mobile devices and the way they are used motivates the rapid expansion of voice-interactive options, and has driven a confluence of mobile and voice trends.

The result is a rapid expansion of what can be done using voice with mobile devices, a trend that won’t end soon.

Get an overview

Mobile Voice Conference

The fourth annual Mobile Voice Conference April 15-16 in San Francisco gives both an overview and detailed insight into both technical and business trends resulting from this important convergence. As a conference with only two tracks and no exhibit hall, the focus is the quality of talks and the networking opportunities. Please join us!

The Organizer

The fourth annual Mobile Voice Conference is organized by the non-profit industry organization AVIOS and Bill Meisel’s TMA Associates. See the full program at www.mobilevoiceconference.com/program2013. For further info, contact Peggie@avios.org.

voice compass sponsors

voice compass - the standard reference work on contemporary communication in businessMy book series Voice Compass, the standard reference work on contemporary communication in business, sponsors this event since many years.

The Voice Compass is knowledge on over 780 pages, all of the current issues are explained in detail and in simple words. From speech recognition, voice biometrics, headsets, video conferencing, to using voice over IP and Unified Communications.

This publication is divided into logical sections to help decision-makers to understand the technology, the benefits, the relevant providers and the market. This compendium also provides valuable tips and insight on the use of Unified Communications and voice applications in companies.

See you around

Hope to see you around at Mobile Voice Conference in San Francisco in a few weeks. Contact me or my aixvox team, if you like to schedule a meeting for a talk, some informations or an interview


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