California – here WE come again….

California – here WE come again….

Last year I did a visit to the Mobile Voice Conference. It was a wonderful trip but this time it will be much better this year as I travel with the full family team and even some more time to visit the beautiful California.

Meet and connect

My blog post in 2012 titled “California here I come….” where I had the idea to asked people from my social media networks for a meeting with a coffee or just for a talk. This was a success for all and I had a chance to talk f.e. to Michelle Gilstrap from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and a few other people I didn’t met before. We all meet and connect virtually with a huge amount of great people online and this trip to California offers again the opportunity to see a few of this wonderful people LIVE in sunny California – WE WILL SEE….

Travel – South to North

California here WE comeSo this year the travel plan is the other way up, means from San Diego – Carlsbad – L.A. – Hwy1 to San Fran this is more or less the short agenda for 18 days. I love to meet some people so let’s see who will be around that time and has some time and fun to meet me – an open minded German communication consultant who wrote a few books about speech technology and Unified Communcations and has fun to travel.


There are so many things to see, so many places to visit and so many shopping villages to go to. Please advice us. If you have a useful idea or a special tip, just leave a comment here in my blog and I will have a look.

What to visit where to stay

The hidden attractions are sometimes much more interesting as the big one. Means which place is really worth going and where is a cosy and nice hotel or Bed & Breakfast? We like to meet people so I started to look around at AIRBNB for a nice location at the beach or at least close by to stay with a family. Any other suggestions?

Mobile Voice Conference

Mobile Voice Conference in CaliforniaIn San Francisco there is the annual meeting for speech experts and I’m more than happy to havea forum there where I do a moderation and a speech about “Euro Visions in speech technology”. See more about this at my other blog at the article “MOBILE VOICE CONFERENCE – NEW IDEAS FOR SPEECH SOLUTIONS


If this idea grabs your attention, just get in contact with me. Feel free to use this blog by writing a comment or use any of my social media networks like TwitterFacebook, Google+ or any other you prefer from my XeeMe Profile  – I’m looking forward to this…….



  1. Ralf Mühlenhöver · · Reply

    You have to eat here and sleep in Big Sur, too … you have the choice between 5 star luxury and Holzhütte mittem im Wald.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. I love conventions in San Francisco!

    1. Thx Harold, you will see some pice on my Instagram soon.

  3. Make sure you spend an afternoon in Morro Bay and Santa Barbara…the ocean is too cold to swim in but they are very scenic. Santa Barbara has a beautiful botanical garden and seaside, set against the mountains, is just lovely.

    1. Hi Liz, have both on my list. I’ve been last year in Morro bay and I loved it.

  4. Stopovers . . . The Getty Center – Your kids will love it . . . 17-Mile Drive – Dining with a beautiful view to the (underwater)sea in the Highland’s Inn – Carmel-by-the-Sea (not good for kids . . . ) – If you find the time upon arrival maybe take a trip up North to Mendocino first (Russian River). Have a nice trip.

    1. Hi Andreas, Thx for this advice. I add this to my travel plans.

  5. Sounds great, Dev! I’ll be following along from dreary old England. 😉

  6. jimwirshing · · Reply

    Try to schedule a night at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. It is an inspiring location with a different theme in each guest room!

    1. Jim, thanks for the tip. I will check the place and put it on my list.

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