JUNGE – Aerzte or HEINO

Junge or boy

Is a song from the well know German Punkband “Die Ärzte”. Nearly everybody knows this.

The scandal

Heino - Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Heino is known for his baritone voice and for popular German music (Schlager) and traditional Volksmusik.  He sold more than 50 million records in this section of music which made him  to one of the most successful German musicians ever! see more Details at Wikipedia

From this track record I have to say “Who cares – this is not my music” –


…now we have something like a little scandal, as the biggest ikone of traditional german folk music – the 74 year old Heino – did an album full of cover songs from well know Rock Bands. His album named Mit freundlichen Grüßen which is the German version of “with best regards”. 

I really LIKE this new Heino, as it was so unexpacted for me

Are we able to change?

In my talks about new technology for communications I meet tons of business people who have the biggest issue not in the technology – but in change management or cultural change management. Having this in mind you will see that here happend much more than just music.

A traditional German has   C_h_a_n_g_e_d ! 

Means if Heino is able to cover “Junge” and other Rock and Punk songs, everybody might be able to do a change in his life or just in the technology we are using,.

But now listen yourself and enjoy the music and the CHANGE

Original “Heino” music

To understand the Change listen, even only a few seconds to the original music Heino did for around 50+ years.

You will understand why a change to some Rock or Punk-Rock is something total different.

Junge cover by “Heino”

Here you see the uncut version of the Ärzte to compare the songs, performance and video who has the same lyrics.

Junge by “Die Ärzte”

[Uncut, Full HD 1080p]

Judge yourself

I love to start a little discussion about what YOU think about this CHANGE, the music and the way to use this 74 old guy as an example for people to be able to change their behavior.

Let me know….



  1. Schöner Beitrag. Ist schon erstaunlich, dass die derentwegen wir unsere Eltern früher mal belächelt haben, jetzt auf eine neue Zielgruppe losgehen und ich werde den Verdacht nicht los, dass wir dazugehören (sollen).
    Leider sind die Videos in Deutschland nicht sichtbar.

    Beste Grüße

    Hansjörg Leichsenring

    1. Hallo Hansjörg, das die lästige GEMA hier einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht, sollte uns alle eigentlich auf die Plame bringen. Aber danke für den Hinweis

  2. Folks get anxious about change; particularly if those forcing the change communicate it poorly. Much like with Ärzte’s fans, much of the problem is about the surprise.

  3. Takeuchi · · Reply

    Nothing change actually, but the violence grows. Despite the Internet revolution make big changes into our lives, generations conflicts remain necessary. Music is such a media for that.

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