Vine – six-second videos

Vine by TwitterTwitter bought Vine

With Vine you are able to create 6 second videos.  As I read the message I was asking myself

WTF – Who need six second videos

This is similar to 140 character messages . At the start of Twitter I was asking myself

WTF – Who need 140 character messages

Get Vine

If you don’t have the Vine app yet, I recommend you get it! Play around and let me know. Twitter released the app on January 24 2013 and says ‘A new way to share video’ to your Twitter. At the moment this App is only available for Apple iOS.

Cultural Change

So, this is a Cultural Change, a new toy and a new way to impress yourself to the world, the internet and all other. Read some more at the Vine blog or grab the Lego’s of your kids and play like you see in this Vine “How to make a Vine logo with lego”

180 pictures

The technical facts of Vine are: 6 Seconds with 30 frames per second comes to 180 pictures – this might give you another idea to play with Vine for some fun, some documentation or even some flipper book…..

They say “Vine will  be huge”

This is what w.i.r.e.d says in the post “Why Vine’s Going to Grow Into Something Huge” and the article “The Vine Effect: How Twitter’s App Is Affecting Social Video Startups” at shows a few more aspects. Read yourself and judge yourself.

My first vine

Vine Carnical music in aachen
Here is a video or to be correct one of my first vine but be careful, as this is some tradional German music which I don’t like so much. But I saw this a hour after downloading Vine. Here you see the 6 seconds as a Youtube video without a loop and here the Link to my loopingVine

Next Vine

and in a few days I will know how to integrate a Vine Link as a looping video into this blog.



  1. Twitter has always been about being quick and being creative.

  2. George J Lloyd · · Reply

    Wow, looks like Vine plays in your browser. It doesn’t in my Chrome or Firefox. Did you have to fix something or did it work out of the box?

    1. Let me check. I used a chrome yesterday.

  3. I love how you can see random snapshots of what is happening right now in completely different locations of the world, so I created which lists most recent Vine videos from Twitter feed. Welcome!

  4. i never knew about this.. really great that i know now… because i can share videos on twitter and all those other video site… this will help me boost my virality too… thx. im going to go it now.

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