Baguetting – and my i-Baguette

A few days ago I found the article from NINA GOLGOWSKI about “Baguetting… the new planking? Bizarre internet craze of posing with bread sticks” and I had fun with all the pictures and the bizarre idea of all this people. Have a look at the tumblr from Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser from Serious Lunch as they have a lot pictures about baguetting.


Tricky: One of the comedians shows himself pinned to a wall with the bread appearing to pass through his head – From


A day later, I watched the German online News channel TagesWEBschau and the had a story about Baguetting pointing to the same Blog on tumblr


You know what happend – I didn’t got all this stuff out of my head. Next evening we had some firends and some Baguette for diner. So, I had to do a little photo session before we finished the bread…..


Have a great day and smile….

by Detlev Artelt



  1. davesoucy · · Reply

    The impaled head is spectacular. Need more from that guy.

  2. das haut ganz schoen rein

  3. Loved it, made me a tad hungry, will have to go and eat now!

  4. This is very cool trick of the trade I see!

  5. The baguette through the head is cool

  6. Ah Ah Ah very cool

  7. Shared this widely, thought it was hilarious, deliciously creative!

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