Does DETart need a new theme?

A change of topics

Since I started with this blog with my first article “Ich blogge also bin ich” my focus was on my business topics like communication and collaboration. As well the language was German and this is changed to English A few month ago I moved all this content to my new site and now I like to redo the DETart Blog with some more travel and fun related stuff and as well some news from other bloggers in my section DETart WORLD NewsThis will be collection of news from around the world. Links to interesting articles, Re-Blogs and much more.

Need a new Design?

This blog need another design and I like to get your advice to choose the right Theme here on I spend some hours to test around but after all this I decided to stay by the one I have wich is ORIGIN as this is plain, easy and with a lot of Widget areas.DETart Theme Origin

Need your help

As there are tons of Themes for Blogs I like to request your help and your advice. You maybe have an idea what you

My first walk through the net showed me

Theme Hartee

Theme Hartee

Hartee –

Theme Mozzy

Theme Mozzy

Mozzy –

ReportageReportage –

So what

Even if some of this themes are not available on the function reduced site you might get an idea for what I’m searching. So please let me know your thoughts…



  1. Hartee is my favorite.

  2. MOZZY looks different, we worth trying ..

  3. George J Lloyd · · Reply

    Thank you Detlev. Great post! 🙂

  4. I like very much the Illustration and awesomeness but I found HARTLY more functional.

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