San Francisco – a short review and some tips

1. San Francisco

Like every year in march, the “Mobile Voice Conference” called as well in 2012 several hundred people to California – so I followed. My voice compass team even help the organisator in a media partnership to get the event more known to our Europe network of voice and communication experts.
San Francisco Airport - SFO This year I had the plan to stay a few days longer, so I booked 10 days to have 5 for some more meetings and a little bit of sightseeing in lovely California. This article is a little review and as I love traveling, as well some tipps for your next trip to California. Maybe we meet next year at the conference.

Let’s start with some things you have to do at least once in your lifetime on a trip to San Francisco. No, I don’t start to sing and put flowers in my hair, there are a few other topics on my list.

Sightseeing tips

Lombard drive You know which bridge I have in mind, so don’t only drive by, take the chance if you have the time and walk over the bridge and enjoy the breeze. Another “must” is a short drive through the movie known Lombard street or better known as the Lombard drive.

Shopping tips

For us Europeans a few things are much cheaper to  buy in US as at home. I mainly look for electronics and clothes and on this trip I stopped by at an apple store, but I didn’t picked the one in the main shopping area. There is another one at Chessnut street which is as well a quite relaxed area with some more different small shops. If you have some more time, you need a few hours, look for one of the big outlet stores. There are a few and I will mention more in my next post.

  • Apple store
  • Find you a outlet store for clothes
  • don’t buy the “cheap” stuff at the street it’s mainly plastik “b*llsh*t”

Dinner tips

For sure, San Francisco has great food. My hotel was direct at Fisherman’s Wharff where you find a restaurant on every corner and at the Wharff there are plenty just selling crab stuff. For my opinion this is OK for a quick one, but not for a dinner. I asked a bit around and get directed to a wonderful place which is a bit hidden. The Scoma’s Restaurant is great for any kind of seafood.

The Cliff HouseAnother wonderful place is the Cliff House driect at the coast line. The place is overlooking the sea, parts of the beach and with this beautiful view. Go there for breakfast.

  • restaurant at fischermen’s wharff
  • cliff house for breakfast offers great view wonderful food

Budget tips

At last a few tips to save you a few dollars. After a 12 hour flight from Europe you might want to see your bed as fast as possible. Yes, the Cab does this fast but cheap. I decide to take one of the shuttle bus services and arrived at my hotel in Fishermans Wharff not much faster but around 40 “bucks” richer as on a cab ride. The shuttle bus only drove a short circle at the airport to stop at a few other terminals before the driver went direct to my hotel area. Another thing I like to do is a ride with a local bus, because you see more from the public life. There are a few tickets available to get a round trip but just a normal ride is cheap and easy. This is not allways so easy in US as I saw it in San Francisco.

  • take shuttle bus from airport
  • bus ride in the city

Many many more…

There are for sure many more things to see, to do and to eat, but I don’t want to write a guide book (at this time). Use my tips just to get an idea what you like or did and please answer me or tell me more about other locations for my next trip.



  1. San Francisco is a great town to visit. You can really get around easily with public transportation. I usually book my airport transportation online. Tipping the driver in the beginning when he loads your luggage often gets your hotel first on the route. The Exploratorium is a great visit especially if you have kids.

  2. We love San Francisco! Who doesn’t like shopping 🙂 I especially love walking the wharf, grabbing fresh made soup in a sourdough bowl. You really need to spend a few weeks to take in all the sites.

  3. My favorite city went to SF State in Stonestown, went to Cal, lived in Marin love the Emarbcadero, Royal Exchange, Tadichs Grill and of course the Marina District. Great city!

  4. Hi Paula, I’m so glad to do this tripp this year with some more time. See my article in a few days…

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