Empire Avenue Strategies & Thoughts

Your Social Media activity as a virtual stock

You may think this sounds a bit wired but there is a powerful system where people, who are active in any area of social media meet. They are from all over the world.

Do you know Empire Avenue? No!! Read….


See what Harold Gardner wrote in his article Empire Avenue Strategies & Thoughts. He did a great start with his ticker (e)GARDNER and is quite active.


I’m at Empire Avenue as well and my tiker symbol is (e)DET. I do this since a year or so. You see my activities as (e)DET at Empire Avenue within the Website.


If you like to join just follow my invitation LINK. The service from Empire Avenue is free of charge and beneath fun you meet great people from all around the world. To make a start easy, there is f.e. this little Guide by TheNextWeb or the Blog from Gerrit with daily Tips. – Enjoy –



  1. Roger Koplenig · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Do & Evolve! by Roger Koplenig and commented:
    Do you need a rocket fuel for your social media engagement? My friend Detlev Artelt has written a blog post about Empire Avenue. BTW, my Empire Avenue ticker is (e)ROGERAT.

  2. It was a great article I agree.

  3. Detlev thanks so much for your kind words & for promoting my post. I have had fun, learned a lot, and connected with a ton of great folks.

  4. George J Lloyd · · Reply

    Let’s go an buy some shares from (e)GARDNER and (e)DET … 🙂

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