1000 Twitter Follower – A moment to celebrate

Last night my Twitter account @voice_compass hit the first 1000 follower and I like to say thank you for your help and I like to say even more thank you for all the reTweets you did on the 3400 Tweets I send. This is really cool and I didn’t expected this feedback as I started with Twitter around a year ago.

Screenshot of status page with 1008 Follower

Due this reason I send out already some “Thank you Tweets” but I like to give something back to the great people who are following me.

So as an author of several books, I like to give away a few of my voice compass books to those of my followers who like to have one of this orange books Das Standardwerk mit ca. 800 Seiten an wertvollen Informationenabout speech technology and unified communication. We explain all this technology in an easy and understandable language as we address the management and the decision maker in companies all over.

What to do

If you are one of my followers, drop me a comment to this post WHY do you like to have one of the books and I will pick a few of the answers and send you a voice compass to your address free of charge. This 189 Euro book is available in English and the latest edition comes in German language. You will get  640 pages (english)  or 820 (pages) in German and you maybe see the amount of work we (me and my voice compass team) put into this.

A BIG Thank you to

Special Thanks

A special “thank you” goes to the great people who retweeted my last Tweet about the new voice compass bookstall app for the iPad where a lot of my former only paper-books are available as a preview or even as a full ebook with all the back links and functions you have available with the iPad as reading device.

Knowledge about #Communications – Wissen über #Kundenkommunikationhttp://www.aixvox.com/wissen-zum-mitnehmen-digitale-bucher-by-aixvox/ the voice compass bookstall App for #iPad


So, take action and leave me a note here or drop me a Tweet to @voice_compass or on any other medium …

















  1. emopedia · · Reply

    Congratulations. Hope you get another 1000 soon. Knowing how hard it can be!

    1. Thanks, I’m woking on this….

  2. i have used this twtdominator bot for getting more follower, now i dont have to buy folllowers from any one .check it out at http://www.twtdominator.com

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