California here I come….


A very special event calls people from the world wide speech industry every year to California and I’m following this call for the 4th time. The Mobile Voice Conference arranged by Bill Meisel and the AVIOS group. My company aixvox is sponsoring the Event in a media partnership with my book series voice compass, where we write about all kind of speech technologies and even more.


This time I like to combine the trip with some more meetings and so I will drive from San Francisco via Los Angles to San Diego. Sure there is not much time to do the big sight seeing thing, but maybe I could get some more help from YOU, who read this blog.


So I will jump on this Saturday morning much to early in a train to get to Frankfurt where my Lufthansa flight to San Francisco starts. Since I planed the trip I here the Song “California here we come” some more often in my mind, so I like to let you listen.


As the fair starts on March 12-14 at Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco I might have some time to visit the wonderful city of San Francisco. But as my last visit is around 15 years back, it would be great to get an update.

So if you have any recommendations for a great place, a wonderful meal or a cool location to hang out – leave me a comment here at the Blog.


Some words about the Mobile Voice Conference copied from the Website. It says WHERE BUSINESS INTERSECTS WITH TECHNOLOGY and it really was like this the last years. There are a lot people from Universities around, many great profs and their team. On the other hand there are companies showing their latest stuff in speech technology like Microsoft, Apple, Google or Nuance and a lot start ups who just made the step from University into „bowl of sharks“ called business life. In the middle there is a group of consultants like me. 😉

The website says as well: “Speech recognition, text-to-speech, speaker verification, voice search, voice assistants, and other speech technologies are becoming increasingly familiar to users through their wide adoption on mobile phones, with Apple’s Siri on iPhones given it the visibility and credibility it deserves as a true user interface innovation. Opportunities within the mobile space are growing as the smart-phone moves toward becoming a ubiquitous personal assistant. The voice channel on basic phones can also move toward a voice assistant model by network-based speech recognition, particularly in developing countries. And, in a largely unappreciated opportunity, companies can take advantage of this trend to increase the automation and functionality of customer service. In addition, marketing and sales through voice interaction will grow in importance. The efficiencies and pricing of cloud computing also help make using speech technology cheaper and easier.

The Mobile Voice Conference was the first to focus on the opportunities created by these trends. The conference draws top speakers and involved attendees, with unparalleled networking.


So if this “kicks you” or if you like to know more about this join the conference and follow the great speeches. I will be moderating two sessions at the event. The first one is at March 13 at 2:15 pm where we talk about “Hosted and managed contact center solutions” where Peter Voss, CEO, Smart Action Company and Terry Saeger, Senior VP / General Manager, VoltDelta. And the second one is at March 14 at 4:25 pm where the topic is “Making the most of mobile user interface options: Technical issues and solutions“. There Patrick Ehlen, Principal Member of Technical Staff, AT&T and Daniel C. Burnett, Director of Standards, Voxeo and Larry Murphy, Senior Consulting Manager, Convergys will do their best at the stage.


Another option for you is to schedule a meeting with me after the show as I plan to travel a bit in wonderful California to some more meetings in L.A. and in San Diego. If you live somewhere there close to the coast and you are interested in this topics or even just like to meet a strange German with his funny accent, leave a comment.

I see this offer as a part of my social media experience and would love to meet some of my friends from Empire Avenue.

Let’s see and stay tuned….



  1. I live around Los Angeles, close to Universal Studios and would love to meet you for coffee, or a beer or wine. I know several places good for all of those since I work for a Chamber of Commerce. Send me an email at and let me know when you will be in LA and we can plan something.

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  3. I am also in LA near downtown or Dodger Stadium. I am not too far from Michelle’s area.

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