Evolution of speech technology - DETart Blog

Evolution of Speech Recogniton – - Why typing? – Speech is faster! – An interesting Infographic about the history of this technology.

60 seconds at the INTERNET

See what happen in just 60 seconds at the Internet. The two infographics show the statistics from 2013 and 2014. Compare the values and create your own ideas.


A picture transports a message much faster as just text. Pictures adds as well emotions. See why a visual content marketing campaign will get you perfect results.

Social Media in B2B - DETart Blog by Detlev Artelt

See the potential of Social Media for B2B in 2014 within a great Infographic. Which are the strongest Social Media sites in 2013 and where do Marketers from B2B will spend their time and funds.

Live Tweeting - DETart Blog - #PtippK

LIVE marketing means Tweets!. As all marketeers love to see some Live activity at their Events, here some information about successful preparation and more.

Tongue is Quicker than Fingers - DETart Blog

Speech is faster as the Keyboard as the Tongue is quicker with words than your Fingers. See an interesting Infographic about speech, dictation and time saving.

DMK - Depeche Mode Cover Band - DETartBlog

DMK is a father and his kids felt in love with performing Depeche Mode songs in a very unique way. You will love it. DMK stands for “Dicken-Milah-Korben” but also “Depeche Mode Kids”

Evolution of Marketing - DETart Blog

Internet has more than doubled the number of Marketing Channels. Find the right mix in your Marketing.

THE social media networks for 2014 - DETart Blog

Networks are changing I just saw a great post from Jeremy Waite who is the Head of Social Strategy @Adobe EMEA and there comes as well an interesting infographic with it. Where is Germany in Social Media Germany is set to overtake UK as the top social networking country in Western Europe by the end of 2014, research from […]

How SAFE is Wifi - DETart Blog

We use Wifi all over but HOW SECURE IS WIFI – Have a look at the Infographic and judge yourself.

How a car engine works

Do you know how an engine work? I guess we all know some parts of it. See this animated Infographic with all the details and enjoy.


So, here I am. An evening at home. Main job – watch the Kids – and take care that they don’t fight each other to much. And don’t watch to many Movies with them. Ok, job done and Kids are sleeping. Now what? New ways to do Art Hmm, Play around with the tablet, found […]

ROI and Trust of Personalization - DETart Blog

Personalization and what digital marketers say about this topic. Adobe and Econ­sul­tancy asked around 400 digital marketers in Europe and US. See an interesting Infographic


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