Evolution of speech technology - DETart Blog

Evolution of Speech Recogniton – – Why typing? – Speech is faster! – An interesting Infographic about the history of this technology.

4 years DETart wordpress

4 Years of Blogging Just today I got a message from WordPress.com and recognised that it is 4 years ago that I started.     Tell me…. Wich Post of my 170 do you like most?

ALSiceBucketChallenge at DETart Blog

Yes, what a cool idea and even better, the Challenge show the power of Social Media! But I think it is over now.


Ta – Gracias – Takk fyrir! – ευχαριστώ – Thankee! – Grazie! – Merci beaucoup ! – Cheers! – Dziękuję bardzo! – Danke – Bedankt! – Muito obrigado! – Teşekkürler! – for 48

How Your Eyes Move on a Website

Where do you look first? You have so much great information, pictures and even more. But where to place all this on your website?

aixvox - DIE Kommunikations Architekten

A speech about "The transition of communication, work and companies" – Learn from the Communications Architect.

Headsettest CallCenterProfi Cover DETartBlog

Jeder kennt Sie – die Kommunikations Werkzeuge die auf das Ohr gehören. Doch es gibt so viele unterschiedliche Geräte. Aber welches aktuelle Modell passt zu meinen Anforderungen, zu meinem. System und zu meiner Geldbörse?

science of social timing

Social Timing – The Science to post at the right time to get more replies, interaction or Re-Tweets. See the infographic.

Why Empire Avenue by DETart Blog

Manage your different social network activity, meet and learn from Experts, get rewards and have some fun on a new way of social media mixed with some gamification.

60 seconds at the INTERNET

See what happen in just 60 seconds at the Internet. The two infographics show the statistics from 2013 and 2014. Compare the values and create your own ideas.


A picture transports a message much faster as just text. Pictures adds as well emotions. See why a visual content marketing campaign will get you perfect results.

Social Media in B2B - DETart Blog by Detlev Artelt

See the potential of Social Media for B2B in 2014 within a great Infographic. Which are the strongest Social Media sites in 2013 and where do Marketers from B2B will spend their time and funds.

Live Tweeting - DETart Blog - #PtippK

LIVE marketing means Tweets!. As all marketeers love to see some Live activity at their Events, here some information about successful preparation and more.


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