Evolution of speech technology - DETart Blog

Evolution of Speech Recogniton – - Why typing? – Speech is faster! – An interesting Infographic about the history of this technology.

How SAFE is Wifi - DETart Blog

We use Wifi all over but HOW SECURE IS WIFI – Have a look at the Infographic and judge yourself.

How a car engine works

Do you know how an engine work? I guess we all know some parts of it. See this animated Infographic with all the details and enjoy.


So, here I am. An evening at home. Main job – watch the Kids – and take care that they don’t fight each other to much. And don’t watch to many Movies with them. Ok, job done and Kids are sleeping. Now what? New ways to do Art Hmm, Play around with the tablet, found […]

ROI and Trust of Personalization - DETart Blog

Personalization and what digital marketers say about this topic. Adobe and Econ­sul­tancy asked around 400 digital marketers in Europe and US. See an interesting Infographic

Do you CeBIT

Are the huge fairs still the place to be – DETart Blog asks “Do you CeBIT in 2014?” – Take part at the voting and see some results.


Think different for mobile users. Mobile devices take over. BUT how does your website perform on this new device. See some interesting facts…

Author Rank

Author Rank is getting more important. Learn about this new metric from Google in ranking content and the author who created it. See a powerful Infographic and get some advice.

Social Media Marketing

Think about your changes in your marketing. Did you changed a lot so far? See how social media is changing the marketing. The Consumer becomes the Marketer. An infographic gives some more interesting information about all this dramatic changes.


See where the most social traffic is coming from, how often Facebook users login, how many new users Google+ get every day and 10 more facts from 2013 statistics in social media.

Twitter Trends - DETart Blog

HOT Trends on Twitter – #Neuland is the most used Hashtag in Germany in 2013. #GovermentShutdown in US and #DoctorWho in UK. In Australia #TaylorTicketBump – see some more….

There are so many new Communication Channels and we moved from Mail, to Telephone, to eMail, to all our day by day communications in Chats, Social Media and all the different networks. See some interesting numbers from all the communication channels we use. Have a look, learn and enjoy.

Design Trends 2014 DETart Blog

See some interesting Design Trends for 2014 to add this to your upcoming marketing. There are different trends in each country and much more in this great infographic


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